Respecting the land is at the forefront of our farming philosophy.  As much as possible, we limit our impact on the environment by only intervening in the vineyard when it is absolutely necessary. 

The ultimate idea isn't necessarily to ask for an 'organic' certification-- we simply want to create biodiversity, help preserve a healthy environment,  and be conscientious farmers.


Ideally located halfway between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, our parcels are on the western face of the Mont Ventoux.   The vines grow on limestone and in a dreamlike microclimate :  we have an exceptional amount of sunlight all year round, and the Mistral helps keep the vines healthy ( while occasionally driving us insane with well over 100 km/hr gusts).


Our 6 parcels around the village of Caromb cover an area of 10 hectares of AOP Ventoux.  Most of our grapes are reds:  5 hectares of Grenache, 2 of Carignan, and another 1.5 hectares are a mix of Cinsault and Syrah. 

We also have 1.5 hectares of whites doted with southern exposition. This parcel is made up of Clairette, Grenache Blanc, and Bourboulenc.